kier63: (Default)
2009-05-14 05:13 pm

Wunch of Bankers

A few months ago my credit union phoned me up. "We're not getting any repayments on your loan." I have a standing order with the biggest bank in the country to pay money to my CU every week to pay off the loan. I phoned them up, "Umm, yeah, your standing order has expired." What ? "Expired , reached the end of it's life" Anyway, long story but end result I set up a new one.

Yesterday, the same bank has it's Anuual Shareholder meeting. Shares have dropped from 28 Euro to 40 cent a share. People were in pieces telling how they have no pension or how their parents were evicted from nursing homes. One man threw eggs. A reporter asked him why and he said he couldn't find hand grenades.

Just now , the phone rang. My Cu again. They haven't been recieving payments. Yes, they have my Mandate. Yes , it's stamped and correct. This bank can't operate a simple transaction but they manage to organise it so that if your standing order (which goes through at 9 am) bounces they charge 6 Euro. (They open at 10 ) Mother fuckers.